Kelly Klump,   MSU Foundation Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University

Kelly Klump, MSU Foundation Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University

Kelly featured in Quartz: Eating disorders are about science, not vanity

It seems cruel to think about, but are our bodies aiding us in developing an eating disorder?  Unfortunately, the answer for some women, is yes. These disorders can manifest themselves in many forms and can even be brought on by genes and hormones in women’s bodies.

At certain times during the month, women are at a greater risk for experiencing eating disorder symptoms. This is due to varying hormone levels—namely estrogen and progesterone—that are present in a woman’s body across the menstrual cycle. 

From the Pressroom: 


Kelly Klump, Michigan State University Foundation Professor of Psychology, has been named to the Clinical Advisory Board of The Renfrew Center, a nationally acclaimed eating disorder treatment facility.

Klump was chosen for her level of knowledge, leadership, reputation and insight into the current and future direction of eating disorder research.

What Are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are extremely serious. They have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder and are associated with many medical problems and can lead to death.